Napoli Street Food Series (Part 1): Passione di Sofì

Greetings food lovers! We here at “For The Love of Food” have decided to bring you foodies a mini-series of the best and coolest street food in Naples. From the best pizza fritta (fried pizza) to the best o’ cuopp’ e fritt’ (cup of fried deliciousness), our goal is to showcase the best eats that Naples has to offer – on the street.

The first part of this series is dedicated to one of our favorite friggitorias (fry houses), in Naples: Passione di Sofì. Passione di Sofì is situated in the heart of the Naples shopping district, Via Toledo, or Via Roma as the locals call it, is the Naples equivalent of Champs Elysses. Lined with clothing stores, cafés, and gelaterias, one would be hard pressed to find that here on this street exists one of the best cups of fried calamari that one can find.

At Passione di Sofì the menu is small and simple. Here you will find all kinds of fried deliciousness such as fried calamari, shrimp, anchovies, and cod. And that is just the seafood! Then you have the terra mix, which is composed of crocche’ (fried mashed potatoes), Sicilian arancini, polenta (fried cornmeal), and lots of other fried mediterranean vegetables.

We suggest you order a “misto mare è terra” (mix of seafood and veggies) to get a taste of em’ all. Be prepared to be wowed as the chef from upstairs will deliver your fried delicousness to the counter in a traditional neapolitan basket hot from the fryer.

What to eat: We recommend you get a “misto mare è terra” with a Perroni beer to wash it down.

Location: Via Toledo, 206, Napoli

Be sure to stay tune for Part 2, where we will show you the best pizza fritta (fried pizza) in town.

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think about our review and where you would like For The Love of Food to go next! Stay tuned for more great eats! Buon Appetito!


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