Pubbrick in Frattamaggiore: A pub worth its weight.

In the kingdom of Frattamaggiore, it is well-known that Frattamaggiore, along with Pomigliano D’Arco, is home to some of Naples’ biggest pub heavyweights such as Blackburger and Pubbrick. In this edition, the team from For the Love of Food  visited Pubbrick, in Frattamaggiore, to see if they upheld their burger reputation.

From first glance, Pubbrick from the outside is very modern-looking with a spacious and well-organized interior for the limited space it has. Decorated with a unique “metro” design with old incandescent bulbs that make for a very unique dark atmosphere. Our team arrived at approximately 20.30-21.00 on a Saturday night and were seated immediately to our surprise; as most pubs in Naples at this our require somewhat of wait for a table.20161022_204838

Once we were seated, we immediately noticed there was one of our favorite beers on tap, Kwak. With a wide range of appetizers, we ordered the usual appetizer of fries and a plate of diverse cold cuts.  The cold cuts were an excellent choice with a mix of prosciutto crudo and cotto, mortadella, a variety of cheeses with a side of honey.


As for burgers, we ordered the Cooper which you have the option of choosing between 200gr of Chianina or Marchigiana beef. The Cooper is made up of Parmigiana di melanzane, Provola di Agerola, and Porchetta di Arricia; an explosive, delicious, artery-blocking masterpiece. Take one bite of the Cooper and you know you are eating in a divine place.


Overall, Pubbrick impressed us with its excellent atmosphere and wide variety of burgers and great beers on tap. The service was impressive and efficient in its manner. We highly recommend you make a stop in this awesome pub.


What to eat: We recommend a pint of either a Tenents or Kwak beer with a tagliere misto as an appetizer and a Cooper burger to satisfy your hunger.

Location: Via Padre Sosio del Prete, 26/28, 80027 Frattamaggiore NA

Please feel free to comment let us know what you think about our review and where you would like For the Love of Food to go next! Stay tuned for more great eats! Buon Appetito!


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